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Something great, “GREAT’ as it is easy to spell but difficult to achieve, and it becomes very fruitful if it is achieved after many hurdles.  The desire to serve mankind and also with the ambition, to be on the top in the fastest growing Pharma Industry, we take the opportunity to introduce Forrit Lifecare the division of ‘Wonder Products’, A trusted name in Personal, Hair, Home Care, Aerosol and Pharma Industry.
We have tried our best to give the maximum number of products:
Tablets: Non Beta lactam / Beta lactam, Film Coated and Enteric Coated tablets.
Capsules: Control released, pellets capsules, Iron, multivitamins & more over wide range in Soft Gel Capsules formulations.
Liquid Oral: Tonics Suspensions, Syrups, Cough Syrups & Elixirs.
Dry Powder: Dry Syrups, Protein Powders.
Ointments: Ointment Creams & Gel.
Drops: Eye/Ear Drops, Nasal Drops.
Injectables:  Big range of Injectables & Higher Antibiotics & Others.

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